Take the time - it's worth it!


I am Marlo Thomas Watson, President and Chief Engagement Officer of the Marlo Company and a member of the Unlocking Potential Foundation Pro Bono Network.

This past November, I received an announcement for an Unlocking Potential volunteer opportunity to support a non-profit organization providing important services to some of our most vulnerable residents and neighbors in the National Capital Area.

As a dedicated volunteer, I have given of my time and skills to various non-profit and civic action organizations throughout my career. That made this opportunity seem like an obvious way to volunteer my time and skills to a young foundation with an innovative mission, and deep passion for leadership development.

I was already serving on a few non-profit boards within my community and industry. Not only that, but my business was barely one-year young, and I was juggling many demanding roles. However, because I was immediately drawn to the specific request for seasoned, professional facilitators, I immediately agreed to do it.

I am not sure if I was drawn because the foundation’s product was helping individuals realize they had agency regardless of their title or position, or perhaps it was because they were helping people recognize that leaders ask questions, disrupt the status quo and do things differently. Either way, I responded to the announcement and prayed that they would recognize the passion inside of me to share their message, because I knew that it would transform any organization willing to be vulnerable.

I have since facilitated several other leadership development experiences with Unlocking Potential Foundation as a stipend volunteer. Through these opportunities, I have made connections with some of the most amazing people. I have been able to support individuals in making changes for the better, and provide input on the direction of this young foundation. Point being: by volunteering, I have been able to make an impact in multiple ways.

Perhaps, like me, you believe you don’t have the bandwidth to volunteer. Please hear me when I say, the benefits far outweigh the sacrifice, and the impact of helping someone unlock their potential will strengthen your leadership and grow your practice.

The Marlo Company Inc. partners with customers to enhance the culture of the organization by developing and strengthening the skills and abilities of your people, helping organizations and communities achieve optimal performance.

Learn more about the Unlocking Potential Pro Bono Network here.

Taylor Enders