For Grantmakers

Being a grantmaker is a challenging role. You make tough decisions about how to allocate limited resources as effectively as possible, and, too often, you’re forced to say “no” to worthy organizations and opportunities.

Your grantees are therefore carefully selected because of their mission, team, and potential. Consider investing in them further to ensure they’re mastering the skills required to grow their organizations, support new clients, and achieve their missions more effectively and efficiently. Make every dollar you give go further by strengthening the capacity of non-profit leaders and their organizations.

Explore the programs below to learn how Carly and her team can support your efforts.

Diversity & Inclusion

Traditional diversity training isn’t moving the needle in the non-profit (or, frankly, the for-profit) sector. Organizations are still overwhelmingly run by people who all look and think the same way. Tackling this problem requires an innovative approach that is based on real-world experience.

During her long tenure in business, Carly Fiorina shattered the glass ceiling and cultivated a diverse team from top to bottom in the process. Her approach focuses less on a laundry list of words we can’t use and more on identifying and developing new perspectives that will help solve critical problems. The only way to change hearts, minds, and practices is to see the power of diversity and inclusion in action. Our interactive workshops facilitate that action and drive real change.

Leadership Development

Society is often confused about the definition of leadership. We think it’s about title, position, and power, but it’s actually about solving problems and unlocking the potential of individuals at all levels.

Our workshops develop leadership and problem-solving capabilities in ALL leaders, from the C-Suite to the front line. Through interactive presentations from Carly, real-time practice using our proven problem-solving tools, and extensive coaching, non-profit professionals who participate in our programs can unlock their own leadership potential and that of those around them.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning makes a tremendous difference in how well a non-profit is able to achieve its mission. Provide your grantees with access to a team of experienced professionals, led by Carly herself, who will work with them to develop their skills to think and plan strategically. We won’t write the strategic plan; we’ll help them develop their capacity so that they are equipped to build, own, and implement a plan that reflects their vision.

Communication & Managing Stakeholders

Leading effectively requires strong communication skills and the ability to manage multiple stakeholders at once. Our communication training supports non-profit leaders as they identify the audiences, messages, and media necessary to drive transformational change in their communities.

Developing Project Management Skills

Organizations may have a strong vision and excellent leadership, but still stumble over the basics of day-to-day project management. In fact, by some estimates, 60 percent of non-profit leaders have difficulty executing already agreed-upon plans.** That’s not surprising – prioritization can feel impossible when you’re solving your community’s most intractable problems.

Based on her years managing multi-billion-dollar mergers and overseeing the details of mission-oriented projects, Carly’s proven approach ensures that teams have the skills necessary to create and implement manageable project plans designed to achieve their organization’s broader mission.

Community Transformation

Leaders in the non-profit sector know this: we’re better together. Every issue you are committed to tackling with your grantmaking can be solved more quickly and effectively if the people closest to the problem collaborate in a structured way.

Our programs convene your partners and grantees in a problem-solving session that provides time to identify common challenges and opportunities, while simultaneously developing collaborative solutions that leverage every partner’s strengths.

Convening & Facilitation

You want to foster collaboration among your grantees, but aren’t quite sure where to start? Let us work with you to design a program that integrates the leaders you support so they get to know one another, develop critical professional skills, and truly collaborate to solve problems.  

Living Our Values

If strategy and tactics are the hardware of an organization, culture and values are the software to ensure a smooth, efficient operation. We don’t define that culture; we facilitate conversations to draw out the values that matter to them – and work alongside them to identify the processes and structures that reflect those values. This process ensures a team is intentional and united in how they approach challenges, opportunities, and relationships.