For Individuals 

Everyone has more potential than they realize – and everyone can lead.

Carly has dedicated her life to unlocking the leadership and problem-solving potential that we all have. Whether you’re looking to strengthen your leadership skills, improve your ability to tackle a festering problem in your community, or unlock the potential of a friend, colleague, or team –  Carly has developed a set of resources and opportunities that you can use to unlock your potential.

As Carly always says, leadership is a choice. We hope you’ll choose to lead and learn with us.

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Strengthen your own leadership capacity and enhance your coaching skills by joining the Unlocking Potential Network.

As a member of the Unlocking Potential Network, you have exclusive access to live coaching sessions with Carly Fiorina, information and resources that aid in your leadership journey, and a network of like-minded individuals.

By completing our short training program, you can join our global network of coaches and have an opportunity to problem-solve with a non-profit leader or participate in the delivery of one of our upcoming programs as a volunteer facilitator. Learn more.

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Join our online Community of Practice. Hosted on LinkedIn, this engaged network of problem-solvers is choosing to lead every day.

Joining this Community gives you access to leadership content in your inbox and on LinkedIn on a regular basis. You’ll get access to early information on the launch of By Example podcast episodes and future guests, opportunities to hear Carly Fiorina speak about leadership and problem-solving, and be able to access problem-solving tools and tips throughout the year.


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