Our Programs


Executive Coaching

There are endless benefits to executive coaching — but it can be hard to find a coach at a reasonable price when you’re a non-profit leader. We offer affordable, accessible coaching to leaders at any level through our Pro Bono Network. Our PBN coaches have extensive experience coaching non-profit leaders at every level — and have received additional training in the Unlocking Potential leadership philosophy.

I’m a non-profit leader looking for a coach.

If you think you might be interested in executive coaching, reach out for a free introductory session.

I want to give back. Can I sponsor a coaching session?

If you are interested in sponsoring a non-profit leader to experience executive coaching, reach out; we’ll match your sponsorship.


Signature Leadership Lab

Our signature Leadership Lab is a 1-2 day immersive experience led by Carly Fiorina followed by 3-6 months of follow-up coaching. We work with you to identify the right format — but all of our Leadership Labs engage a cross-section of your organization to tackle real life problems in real time. (What better way to master problem-solving than to do it?)

We know leadership and problem-solving aren’t mastered in a day, so our Leadership Lab experience is followed by a comprehensive report with assessment and recommendations for the senior management team as well as coaching for each participant.


Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity is not a nice-to-do – it’s a have-to-do. If you’re a business with a problem, you can’t solve that problem unless you bring a diverse group of people around a table. It is natural to want to want to gather with those like us, who think like us and have similar experiences, but you cannot innovate if you don’t bring in new perspectives.

Through a 2-4-hour workshop, we provide your team with an experience that allows them to experience the necessity of diversity to solving a critical business problem — and provides a platform to practice building an inclusive culture.


unlockit series

Have a specific problem you’re working through? Or are you simply looking to equip everyone on your team with better problem-solving skills?

Our series of 2-3-hour problem-solving workshops allows your team to learn and practice a rigorous, proven methodology by solving real life, real time problems right in front of them. We facilitate the development of a strategy and implementation plan during our kickoff session — and coach participants through the actual implementation phase in subsequent sessions.