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The SIgnature LEadership laB

The Leadership Lab isn’t your typical development workshop. It’s an intensive, hands-on experience led by Carly Fiorina over the course of one to two days. It focuses on building the problem-solving skills we believe make more effective leaders. Through interactive presentations, breakouts, and hands-on group exercises, you will have an opportunity to learn, practice, and apply the behaviors, characteristics, tools, and disciplines of leadership.

Our Leadership Lab can take different formats, bringing people together from different areas of an organization or community. Read through the options to understand what might be the best fit for your goals:

Organizational Impact Lab: Bringing together one organization and engaging with members across geographies, departments, and levels within the organization.

Social Impact Lab: Bringing together a variety of non-profit professionals in a particular community, and engaging with them to work through a particular problem.

Community Transformation Lab: Bringing together current and emerging leaders within a community across the non-profit, public, and private sectors to solve a particular community problem and build their problem-solving capacity together.

To build on the foundation established at the Leadership Lab, participants will have the opportunity to work with a coach to reinforce and directly apply what has been learned to their own specific context. This coaching looks different for each person; it allows an individual to make progress on their own leadership goals by fostering awareness and understanding, facilitating new collaborations, and identifying relevant opportunities to practice and apply the key aspects of leadership over the next three to six months after their Lab experience.


Strategic Planning

Where is your organization currently? Where do you want to be six months from now? What about a year or more from now? The Unlocking Potential team can take you through a process over three to six months to help you define your future, and utilize our Leadership Framework tool to structure your strategy, processes, metrics, and culture. Whether you’ve been through a strategic planning process before and are looking for a fresh perspective, or this is the first time you’ve embarked on a journey to ask for help in aligning your organization to a set of goals, we’re here to guide you through the process. It may not look or feel like what you’re used to - but our goal is to listen to you and set you free to make the best decisions possible for your organization.



Diversity is not a nice-to-do – it’s a must-do. If you’re an organization with a problem or challenge in front of you, you can’t solve that problem unless you bring a diverse group of people around a table. It is natural to want to want to gather with those like us, who think like us and have similar experiences, but you cannot effectively innovate if you don’t bring in new perspectives.

We offer a workshop customized to meet each organization’s needs and connect with them on their path to creating a more diverse and inclusive environment. The experience we provide, led by Carly Fiorina and/or the experts on our team, provide your team with an opportunity to understand the necessity of diversity to solving a critical organizational or community problem, and provides a platform to practice building an inclusive culture.

Learn to esteem each other’s perspectives and to value the contribution each person makes.
— Carly Fiorina

Communication Workshop

Communication skills are a critical piece of any leadership and change-management program. Carly Fiorina and Unlocking Potential CEO Casey Enders have developed a program to specifically build those communication skills, based on Carly’s decades of experience navigating and communicating change across every sector, and in organizations of every size. We work with you and provide you the tools to build support through a communication plan, to help you overcome resistance, and learn to use communication meaningfully, not just as a way to inform. We’ll help you understand and design a process to engage your key stakeholders, and define realistic expectations across your timeline and change-journey.



As a board chair or board member for an organization - you have a host of challenges in front of you. Working with Carly Fiorina or one of the experts on our team, you have the ability to be more than just coached, but to have a trusted adviser guiding you, and providing you problem-solving tools and philosophies that allow you to grow. Unlocking Potential understands the complexities of building the most effective group of board members, succession planning, team building, innovating, and managing through the governance that comes with it.


Executive coaching

There are endless benefits to executive coaching, but it can be hard to find a coach at a reasonable price when you’re a non-profit leader. We offer affordable, accessible coaching to leaders at any level through our Pro Bono Network. Our PBN coaches have extensive experience coaching non-profit leaders at every level, and have received additional training in the Unlocking Potential leadership philosophy.


We’re not consultants

We’re not typical consultants. We don’t tell organizations how to fix their problems, or even what those problems are. Each organization knows and understands their challenges and solutions best. Instead, we’re here to ensure that every member of every team, from executives to front-line employees, become world class problem-solvers. If you don’t see a solution for your team, talk to us. We’re excited to problem-solve and collaborate with you to figure out the right opportunity.



As a charitable organization, we work with and partner with organizations of all sizes from corporate foundations (such as American Express and MassMutual), to other organizations (such as Wounded Warrior Project), and local groups (such as Easterseals DC, MD and VA or the Rodham Institute at GWU). If you are at an organization that doesn’t have the opportunity to receive sponsorship from a granting institution, and you don’t think you have the budget to invest in one of our services, you can apply to be selected as one of our philanthropic partners. While we have filled all of our 2019 partner slots we are taking applications for organizations who would like to benefit from one of the above opportunities during 2020.