UnlockIt Series


We’re pulled in many, many different directions and we don’t get the same time, ability, and tools to focus on strategy, growth, and problem-solving. Join our UnlockIt Series and choose one or all three courses to master the tools and disciplines practiced by the world’s most admired leaders – and solve a few of your thorniest problems while you’re at it. We’re hosting three courses, each approximately 2 hours in length where you can interact with experienced coaches. Read more on each of the course descriptions below.

Who is this series for?

any level

Open to leaders at any level of their organization. Been the Executive Director for 20 years? Come learn tools to share with your team. Just started last week? Get off on the right foot by ensuring you’re ready to solve the problems in front of you.


$50 per participant per workshop

$120 per participant for the whole series


Course Descriptions:

Workshop 1: Unlock Your Leadership

April 9, 3-5PM

Summary: Correct fundamental misconceptions about leadership – and explore the characteristics and tools that build high-performing teams and increase problem-solving capacity through use of our Current / Future State Tool.

What You Get: Takeaway a strong understanding of how to organize your problems into the context of your current and future state and walk out with a pitch for how to engage as a leader and move toward your future state.

Workshop 2: Unlock Your Strategy

April 23, 3-5PM

Summary: Explore the characteristics and behaviors around strategic goal-setting and problem-solving using Unlocking Potential’s Leadership Framework tool.

What You Get: Practice developing a strategy around a problem, explore the challenges and opportunities, and walk out with answers to your questions on the strategy, process, metrics, and culture that surround you and your organizations goals.

Workshop 3: Unlock Your People

May 7, 3-5PM

Summary: Understand your key stakeholders and how to turn some of your less enthusiastic supporters into your biggest allies.

What You Get: Develop your understanding of the stakeholders in your organization and walk away with a clear categorization of who your change warriors, resistors, and skeptics are in the context of problems you aim to solve.



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UnlockIt Series Scholarship Application

Unlocking Potential is a charitable organization that invests in human potential within the social sector. Through our 2019 Unlock Your Leadership Capacity Building Partnership Award; we are seeking to partner with 1 nonprofit organization serving residents of the District of Columbia that is committed to investing in unlocking the potential of its people to drive problem-solving, innovation and community transformation. This partnership award is valued as an in-kind contribution of $10,000.

The selected organization will be invited to identify a problem-solving team of 5 staff members and/or stakeholders to receive:

  • UP’s UnlockIt Series

  • Receive 3 months of individual leadership coaching

  • Participate in three months of team problem-solving facilitated by an Unlocking Potential coach and facilitator

Name *
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The applying 501c3 nonprofit organization serves residents of the District of Columbia specifically, if not exclusively. If Selected;