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Our Mission

Our world’s most difficult problems are getting solved at the community level, by the people closest to them. Unlocking Potential was founded by Carly Fiorina to provide those leaders with the tools and resources to strengthen their leadership and problem-solving skills.

Our curriculum is built on Carly’s decades of experience developing leaders in every context — and is based on her philosophy that leaders are made, not born; that everyone can be a leader; and that the people closest to the problem are best positioned to solve it.


I think it is amazing that somebody of [Carly’s] stature is so open about her life, her journey, and the way she’s been able to connect with the front line and then translate that to the greater community. As far as today’s workshop, it’s been I’d say, for me, life-altering.
— Leadership Lab participant


Experience transformation alongside our partners through the case studies below:


Connection & Collaboration

At the Washington D.C. Leadership Lab, over 50 leaders in the affordable housing and economic development community came together to assess the current state of homelessness in the District, connect with other leaders in the industry, and collaborate to identify innovative solutions to an intractable problem…

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Strategic Transformation

Easterseals DC MD VA was experiencing a period of tremendous growth — which brought both incredible opportunities and real anxiety over the perceived imbalance between growth and quality. Easterseals needed to align on a vision and a path forward across the organization…

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